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If you have your own ideas on washing – this is for you


Automatic washing machines are a new thing. Most people have a twin tub – a top-loading washing machine paired with a spin drier, which you wheeled out of storage, connected to the tap and put a bucked under the outflow to collect the dirty water. Many others were still using the technology of the Victorian era, boiling water on the stove and washing the clothes in a large bucket or tin bath, then putting them through a mangle to get the excess water out.

Therefore, rather than boasting about what Hotpoint automatic washers can do versus other brands, this advert has to tell the housewife why she should move away from the twin tub or the mangle in the first place. And explain the concept of an automatic washing machine as well.

Note that they show the top-loading automatic in a fitted kitchen, but the text refers to it being on rollers – most people do not have fitted kitchens and buyers of automatic washing machines are still unlikely to have them plumbed in – they will still be wheeled out, attached to the tap, and wheeled back out of the way when the washing is done.

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